Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I'm just dropping by to say hello, and let you know we're still here.

Both Alison and I remain really committed to this little blog here and the readers and comments we're still getting even after so much radio silence tells us you'd probably be interested in hearing more from us.

And we have so much more to say.

More about all the stuff we've said so far, more about what happened to us when we became mothers, more about what we think about this motherhood gig.

And we both now have lots more to say about having two babes, about revisiting motherhood, about dealing with siblings.

More joy. More pain. So much has changed, and so much is the same.

We've changed and so have our lives.

The only problem is time. It's proving rather more difficult to find it. We thought we might have more of it, but we're up to our necks in nappies and gurgly giggles and creative ventures and 4 year old needs and house works and mess.

So for now we're putting our own blogs first.

We thank you for tuning in and hope you'll stay in touch, come see each of us where we are sighted with a tad more regularity and come back when we've pushed back the frontiers a little and made some space for the washing line.